Whatever size project, NCP Concrete handles every aspect.

Concrete Foundation


NCP Concrete is proud to be your partner for your next commercial or residential construction project. We specialize in all aspects of concrete, including footing and foundation layout, grading and pouring foundations. Whether for a commercial project, custom home foundation or detached workshop or garage, NCP Concrete will construct the most important part of your project – the foundation.



NCP Concrete specializes in every aspect of your concrete project.

Concrete Walls


Tilt construction can greatly speed up your building construction process.  NCP Concrete is an expert at installing cast-in-place concrete walls for your project.

Decorative Concrete


Need some decor around your home or business?  Choosing custom colored concrete with a stamped pattern can transform a driveway, patio or any other outdoor area into a beautiful location to be enjoyed for many years to come. We help you select colors, patterns and complete layout to make your area look its best.

Concrete Pads


Have a new car or boat?  How about outdoor patio or basketball court? NCP Concrete can provide an excellent pad for any use and we will guide you through each step, from initial pad layout, footing requirements and concrete size and placement.


Residential Concrete Contractor


NCP Concrete has provided unsurpassed quality concrete and masonry work for homeowners and builders in Bay Area California. We are your commercial concrete contractor and residential concrete contractor for Bay Area California 

From custom-designed mansions to new driveways and everything in between, NCP Concrete can make the difference between a great building experience and a “not so great” one!

Our experienced group of seasoned professionals are there for you every step of the way, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget.

We communicate with you throughout the process and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We are a family orientated company looking to create your dreams, be it a home or business and give you quality above and beyond your expectations. PCP  Concrete want to thank you for the opportunity we have had to enjoy our success as one of the best concrete and masonry contractors in Bay Area california

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Commercial Concrete Contractor


NCP Concrete has been at the forefront, delivering exceptional commercial concrete and masonry work in Bay Area and throughout the state. Our commercial concrete customers know that they can count on us to deliver quality results every time.

Our staff is highly experienced and certified in all aspects of commercial concrete and masonry work, including post tension and Hambro systems.

Whether a small project or a shopping center, office building or high profile project, NCP Concrete Florida has the experience to provide you with worry-free project management through completion of your commercial concrete project in Bay Area.

Some of our California commercial concrete projects include:

Shopping Centers
Apartment Buildings


Whatever size project, NCP Concrete handles every aspect.

Concrete Sidewalks


A new concrete patio will provide you and your family with an enhanced and relaxing outdoor area.  Choose from many designs to make your home look special.

Concrete Parking Areas


A new concrete parking lot will greatly improve the appearance of any home or business. Concrete is an excellent great choice, since it provides long-lasting durability and very low maintenance.

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Super Flat Floors

No project is too large for NCP Concrete. We excel in Super Flat Floors.


Concrete Services


No matter what size your project, big or small, NCP Concrete assures you of a project done right and completed on time.   We work to meet the needs of our customers in every way, and offer services from foundation to tilt walls and masonry.

Concrete Driveways


NCP Concrete will help you with all of your driveway needs, from additions to tear-out and replacement of your existing driveway.. If you need to add an addition to your driveway, tear out and replace your existing driveway or build a brand new driveway. Ask us about the many decorative options available for your new custom driveway.